Shocking news has come on the web that Carl Woods is 33 years old he was arrested in august he has been charged under section 4 of the public order act, Katie Price showed off her brand new face after splashing thousands on an eye and brow lift.

Why Was Carl Woods Arrested

In the statement of police, a man was arrested following an accident in the little infield. Here we will share with you more information about this shocking news and we will share it with you this news is viral on social media.

Why Was Carl Woods Arrested?

Katie Price is a glamour model, businesswoman, she is 43 years old when she came with her fiance Carl Woods, she looked very different as she headed out for their dinner at the Pricey sheesh restaurant in Chigwell. she has finally disclosed the results of her surgery after apparently flying out to a Belgium clinic for the procedures.

she has shared her previous pictures with her head in bandages after going under the knife, she proudly shares her new face after taking a few treatments and she had done this on carl’s 33rd birthday. keep reading

she was very happy during their outing, all the cameras on her clicked her pictures when she was walking like a celebrity, her eyes cost around £4,000. she has done dramatic makeup on her face including lashes and eyeliner she adds further effect on her post-surgery look, Katie wears Bardot style Patterned top with a pair of crushed velvet leggings and gold necklaces. follow us for more information. keep reading

Carl Woods Charges Explained!

not just because of the bruises, scars, swelling to face that had been prettier than it looks natural untouched state but because of the bandages around her head and her chin making look like a victim of some terrible accident, it is her body and she knows that very well it’s her choice I am sure that she will tell anyone even if the criticism is based on care and concern to “mind their beeswax” her body and feature, language define her.

Katie and carl have been announced their engagement in April 2021 they both also spoken frequently about their wish to have children in the future, she recently told the sun we will get married this year and they both are very happy and excited about the reason of excitement the baby will come in this year, we informed all the information which we had about this news. stay tuned for more updates.


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