Recently, a piece of big news has hit the internet that shocked many. Some allegations claimed that Brett Finch has been arrested for sharing child abuse material on his mobile phone. He has married a very beautiful girl Elli Johnston but he has been arrested.

Why Was Brett Finch Hunt Arrested

As everyone knows that Elli is a wife of renowned Australian former professional rugby league Brett Finch. Now, Brett making headlines on the internet and getting much attention from the audience because of an incident that happened in his life. Let us tell you that he was arrested this morning at a Sydney police station.

Why Was Brett Finch Hunt Arrested?

Talking about the charges on the famous rugby player, he has been charged with five counts of disseminating child abuse material through mobile services. Ellie Johnston, wife of former NRL star, is a celebrity partner who came into the limelight after her husband’s lousy act.

Let us also tell you that they both married to each other in January 2018 with blessings from their family. Not only this, but they both having a long relationship together and love each other a lot. They tied the knot just 18 months after getting out of a rehab clinic for drug and alcohol addiction.

Unfortunately, he checked himself into a mental health facility after an incident on an interstate flight. He was sleeping with a bloody nose on a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast. He went insane and could not get off the plane due to fear of something.

Brett Finch Charged With Sharing Child Abuse Material Case Updates!

When the both married, they shared beautiful children together and they all loved with each other happily. Let us also tell you that the couple had first give birth to a girl in Mackenzie Grace, in 2019. After his arrest, it is largely over for him and he is going to serve for the crime he has committed.

Let us also tell you that he was arrested on 14th December 2021 for having and sharing child abuse material. He has been charged with five charges of transmitting defamatory material from his mobile phone. He was later granted bail and ordered to appear in Sutherland Local Court on 11 January 2022.

He is one of eight people apprehended by the NSW Police Child Abuse and Sexual Offenses Squad as part of the Strike Force Hanks investigation. So, the news was actually shocking and every netizen is shocked to hear the sudden arrest of Brett Finch.


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