Why Was Ben Hayden aka Huskii Arrested?: Ben Hayden who is professionally known as Huskii is facing domestic violence charges and spending his nights behind the bars. The police have been seeking to rescind his bail as per Huskii’s recent national tour. Ben Hayden is an Australian rapper and musician. Ben Hayden is from Sydney’s New South Wales. Hayden’s childhood was spent in various homes in New South Wales and later Hayden was also exposed to drug addiction, violence, and prostitution, in result of his constrain Hayden became a victim of addiction, depression, and interment in his teenage.

Why Was Ben Hayden aka Huskii Arrested Bail Breach Domestic Violence Details

Western Sydney rapper had also released an album which is ARIA that gave him a huge amount of popularity. Hayden was allegedly blamed by a girl diving into Hayden’s sold tour into turmoil. In an alleged case, Hayden has been charged with domestic violence, intentionally or impulsively destroying and damaging property-related common assaults infringing the domestic orders. Why Was Ben Hayden aka Huskii Arrested?

Why Was Ben Hayden aka Huskii Arrested? Bail Breach Domestic Violence

In a statement, the rapper told the court that the charges are all lies. According to the girl’s statement, Hayden was sitting in the passenger seat when he threw her necklace out of the car and ripped her pants off, as she ventured to make off. She said that he also called her a slut. When Hayden’s violent behavior was reported to the police. Police charged him for the violating reaction, Hayden was arrested and was grasped to Blacktown Police Station.

On 3 June, Hayden’s lawyer in Blacktown Local Court applied for the bail and presently said to the court that his client has completely denied all the allegations and if the bail is granted he could live with one of his trustable managers. Hayden also told the court that the artist was on the phone call talking to his manager. Police opposing the bail said that it was objectionable behavior both to the victim as well for the community.

Magistrate Brian van Zuylen said that Hayden’s criminal record of 16 pages incriminates it strongly that it was Hayden who was wrong. Hayden had also sentenced to jail for domestic violence. Magistrate Brian van Zuylen denied the bail and put the matter down for 17 August with all the proofs. After hearing these words said by the Magistrate, Hayden begged for the bail and said all the allegations put against him are all lies.

Hayden said, that the girl is trying to spoil his music career and his life, and Hayden has not done anything, Hayden stated. Hayden also said that he is going to appeal for the hearing of the case in the Supreme Court. Whatever happened is all wrong, the girl cannot spoil his career and life this way. He has a tour and career.

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