Recently a piece of news has come on social media that famous Rapper ASAP Rocky was arrested in Las Angeles in connection with a shooting that happened in Hollywood last November. This news has gone viral on the web. people are curious to know about the news because they are shocked to hers this news. This news is gaining huge attention from the people and lots of questions are increasing in their minds. people are eager to know about that matter that what happed and what is the story behind this matter. Here we have more information related to the news and here you will find authentic details in this article, so let’s starts the article.


As per the sources, the Los Police Department detained ASAP Rocky on 20th April 2022, Wednesday at the city’s airport when the star couple was on their come back from Barbados. His arrest news has been announced by his lawyer. He is 33 years old. He is living in Los Angeles and he is facing a charge of assault with a deadly weapon. The case is sending referred to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office.

Why Was ASAP Rocky Arrested

ASAP Rocky’s real name is Rakim Mayers. He was arrested in connection with a shooting that took place on 6th November 2021. The LAPO was investigating Mayers over the shooting which took place on the evening of 6th November nearby Vista Del Mar and Selma Avenue, as per NBC. The victim allegedly told the crops that Mayers and two others approached him with a handgun, shooting at him three and four times. The November shooting had been not reported in the media at the time.

As news of ASAP Rocky’s arrest broke, the LAPO tweeted about the November incident. “Early this morning, LAPD officers arrested Mayers for assault with a deadly weapon (firearm) at the Los Angeles International Airport. The case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration.” But there is no update on Rocky’s arrest. This is the first time in ASAP Rocky’s life that he was arrested, as per rapper was famoulsy detained in Sweden back in July 2019.

ASAP Rocky Arrested Charges Explained!

That month saw Rocky spends most of his time behind bars in a European country. In 2019 he was arrested on 3rd July for an incident that had taken a place on June 30th. A fight had broken out on the streets of Stockholm between Rocky and his entourage – Bladimir Corniel and David Rispers – and two men who were following them around. ASAP Rocky was in Sweden to perform at the Smash Festival. Stay tuned for more updates.


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