Here we are sharing shocking news with you, that Anthony Solima killed a co-worker. This is very sad news. Crime is increasing day by day. When will it be stopped? The criminal doesn’t think about their family. How can a person kill others?  no one has the right to kill anyone.

Why Was Anthony Solima is Arrested

If any issue, so should handle to talk. What about his family, they were waiting for him and the heartless person killed him. If any argument has between them, should shootout the matter with understanding not, like this. It is big crime. Life is not a little thing how can someone take the life of another.

Why Was Anthony Solima is Arrested?

Anthony Solima, a Tesla employee, is accused of shooting and killing a co-worker on Monday after their shift. Other workers of the factory were inquired, and detectives discovered that he and the victim had argued earlier that day. After all the mess and argument, Anthony left his job.

He was loaded by authorities. Anthony Solima got into the fight with the victim in the tesla factory where Anthony shot the victim and now he is arrested. According to the report the incident happened in the parking lot, before 3:30 pm. According to sources officers met him as got out of his car, and he surrendered. Anthony was apprehended on a homicide warrant, and homicide investigators interrogated him. He is a suspect of first-degree murder.

If we talk about death confirmtion time, At 3:26 pm, first responders reached the Tesla Factory parking lot in the 4500 block of Fremont Blvd, in Fremont, California. The fire department finds an unconscious person and had gunshot wounds.

Who is Anthony Solima?

After that, the person was declared dead after the department and homicide detectives arrived on the scene. They have researched a lot. Near the murder site, There found 223 rifle casings.

As we told you the victim was a worker of the Tesla factory, which is situated in the 4500 block of Fremont Blvd. He was shot at least once and was announced dead on the scene. If we talk about murdering the victim had just determined his shift at a manufacturing plant.

The victim’s name has not been revealed, it will be revealed by the Coroner’s Office at a later date. The officers are doing an investigation on this matter. Anthony was arrested and sent to the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, according to sources, because he was found guilty. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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