Why Rannvijay Sigha Left Roadies? After 18 Years Will Sonu Sood Replace Him Details Explained The recent quit of Rannvijay Singh from Roadies created headlines for the audience and his fans. As all of us know that he has been being associated with this reality show for 18 years. The news is really big for the Roadies fans and fanatics as everyone remembers Roadies on seeing Rannvijay Singh. He is the second face of the reality show. But, the host is no longer available as part of Roadies. The main reason behind his leaving from the reality show is also taking lots of rounds on the internet. Yes, some sources claimed that Roadies Season 19 has been taken over by new production.

why rannvijay singha left roadies

Now, this led Rannvijay to take this decision. So far, Rannvijay Singh is appearing in a very popular reality show Shark Tank India that giving him another peak of popularity. As all of us know that the show is actually going on very well and entertaining everyone a lot. Along with this, the show also provides proper education and a platform to those people who want to learn about opening a business and start their own idea for a business. Let us also tell you that the show will be going to end this week.

Why Rannvijay Sigha Left Roadies

Along with it, the fans who love to watch Roadies took to social media and demanded that they don’t want Rannvijay Singh back in the reality show Roadies Season 19. As all of us know that Rannvijay began his career as the host in the first season of Roadies and then he regularly hosts every season of the reality show. Now, another production has taken over the reality show and Rannvijay leave the show as the host. Later, he appeared in another famous reality show Shark Tank India as the host.

After that, Rannvijay Singh said “The channel has been a key pillar of my journey and I’ll be doing interesting work with them. On this edition of Roadies, things didn’t work out from both sides. Our dates were not matching and it is disheartening. I’ve been working with the channel for 18 years. I’ve done different shows with the network. Production house aur mera koi taal mel hai nahi”. Now, many people are searching to confirm the news that will he appear in the upcoming season of Roadies. Some rumors also claimed that Sonu Sood will replace Rannvijay Singh on the show as the mentor-host. It will be actually very interesting to watch what will happen next.


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