Why Is Twitch Partner Clix Aka Cody Conrod Banned? Reason Explained: There has been a major development in the world of gaming as the big gaming platform, Twitch has signed a 15-year-old Cody Conrod also known as Clix. It has been made official and this news has spread like wildfire in the gaming world. The gamer known as Clix had started his stream on the proprietary platform of Amazon, back in 2017. He is one of the most famous professional players on the Fortnite circuit. His growth has really been commendable in that game. He has more than 2.4 million on Twitch and more than 1 million subscribers on Youtube. Given that he is just 15 years old, these numbers are just too amazing. He had made a tweet recently where he announced that he was officially signed to Twitch, once again. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Twitch Partner Clix Aka Cody Conrod Banned

Why Is Twitch Partner Clix Aka Cody Conrod Banned?

There was an event known as Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl where his clips were getting shared a lot on the internet. He was able to win the award at that event as well. It was a really prestigious award and he received it along with his partner who is a player of NFL, Tarik Cohen. Tarik has been a representative of the Chicago bears and his montage contains some of the best moments of the streamer, Clix. There is also a clip that is about 46 seconds in length where his teammates were showcasing marvelous plays and some tricky maneuvers at Fortnite. It has also served as an ode to the accomplishments that have been gathered by the popular streamer, Clix.

Now, let’s talk a little about the streamer.

Who is Clix?

Clix whose real name is Cody is a professional Fortnite player and he is also a big streamer that has a huge fan following given that he is just a young boy who is 15 years old. He loves to interact with his fans as well through his social media. He has more than 5 million followers on Twitch, at the moment.

Partner Clix Aka Cody Conrod Banned Reason

He was born on the 7th of January in the year 2005 and was born and raised in the town of Connecticut. He has also been a representative for the teams like Misfits Gaming and NRG Esports.

The news of his re-signing the partnership with Twitch has brought joy to his fans and they can’t wait for him to make a return on the platform. There is not much information related to the term of the partnership, however, we know that he will soon be available on the platform.


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