Not just a one time but there are lots of weird things that are trending on social media and people are getting curious to follow it before it reaches to the end. According to the sources, lots of trending tasks, and videos have been circulating on TikTok and other handles but currently, a new trend is taking place on the Internet and users are trying to search for the new trend which is known as “Why is the tip of a PP shaped like a mushroom”. Yes, this question has been taking place on TikTok and Twitter as well and everyone wants to know why is this trending today?

Why Is The Tip Of A PP Mushroom Shaped

Many are putting their efforts to know about this matter and recently, we found some details regarding to the trend and maybe, we should share with our readers. Well, we are always available to share some of the weird and most popular trends on the Internet. Well, this is a question about male genitalia and why is it shaped like a mushroom that started to trend on the Internet such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter as well. Keep reading to know more details about this trend.

Why Is The Tip Of A PP Mushroom Shaped?

Well, people are trying to search for the question on the Internet and asks a question to all “Have you ever Googled why the Tik of the p*%ns is like mushroom-shaped”. The crazy video has been circulating on social media and revolving all over the social media handles. Now, lots of users are trying to know the answer of this question and maybe, it has become a trending question of the day on TikTok and Twitter.

According to the updates, a person named Seth Bob gave an answer of this question via demonstration. He demonstrated the answer of the question after another user asked this. The user tried to give the answer by using the symbol and without typing any kind of nudity or adult words. Along with this, there was a viewer who explained the symbolism elated and stated,” Yep, It removes rival’s deposits”.

Many even left their reaction over the trend and another user wrote that he is unable to understand that people have been learning about this while he learned this when he was at 6th standard. We will share more details over this trend and how the people are leaving their reactions? Keep reading to know more about this.


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