Another big news has appeared on the internet in which several people are very upset. Let us tell you that Johann Steynberg who is Mirror Trading International (MTI) CEO has been arrested in Brazil. Steynberg disappeared in mid-December, just days before authorities outlawed the platform. Let us tell you that thousands of MTI associates were influenced by the extinction of the company as they could not withdraw their money.

Why Is Johann Steynberg

So far, the investigation is going on and several people are waiting to find the result of this matter. According to the reports, He was imprisoned last week in the central Brazilian state of Goiás on charges of falsifying documents.

Why Is Johann Steynberg?

The Hawks confirmed Stenberg’s arrest on Friday afternoon, according to Brandon Topham of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority. A request for analysis from Hawks was not instantly returned. After MTI quit expanding thousands of customers, Stenberg disappeared at the end of 2020.

While Topham said Hawks did not identify where Stenberg was caught, the government of the central Brazilian state of Goiás declared on 29 December that a South African fugitive had been imprisoned in the regional capital, Goiânia. According to the reports, he was named the creator of MTI in the official statement.

Talking about his personal life, his wife name is Nerina Steynberg. So far, many people are searching to know some more details related to his wife as well. Let us tell you that she was born on 10th March 1982.

Why Was Johann Steynberg Arrested?

Talking about the marriage life, of Steynberg, he marry Nerina in 2006 and had a kid together. It is unattainable to decide whether Nerina had any authorised affiliation with MTI from a corporate point of view, despite the fact that this is highly unlikely. Nerina is informed to be employed in a shop chain and resumes work after Johann’s absconding.

However, in the case of Johann’s disappearance, Nerina disclosed to investigators at a closed-door hearing last year that Steynberg had bought a timber estate in Panama in earlier 2020, potentially initiating a line of investigation in South America. MTI CEO Johan was long missing, and some people started to accept that he was dead.

Some social media users also produced amusing memes in reaction to the information of his death, which was ultimately removed. So, we are here available to confirm the news of this matter but we have a lack of information yet. Stay connected with us for further updates on the same topic.


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