Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has given a three-month time to the social media platform Facebook and Twitter to comply with the new IT rules. These social media applications can face the issue if they are denied following the new guidelines. The government set a deadline of 25th May so these platforms can accept the new IT guidelines before the deadline, but Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram haven’t accepted the new IT guidelines yet. The Indian version of Twitter is the only social media platform that has compiled the new guidelines before 25th May. This is a matter to take seriously by those social media companies because if they do not comply with the new rules by

Facebook and Twitter banned in India

25th May, they will no longer access the application and this is against the law and appropriate action can be taken by the government. As per the new IT rules, The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the social media platform will appoint compliance officers from India. Then, the officers will overlook the complaints, monitor the content shared by people on Facebook, and will remove the content if it is objectionable. These rules are also applicable on the OTT platform where companies release any web series and movies. Government officials have given this statement that

the companies will lose their status and protection and criminal actions will be taken by the government. An official statement has been given by Facebook that they need to discuss some issues that they might face if they comply with the new IT rules. After asking if they will comply with the rules or not, the company said that they are looking forward to complying with the rules after getting a clear detail of a few of the issues which need more attention from the government. The company spokesperson said that they will execute the operations and improve efficiencies where the commitment of safe accessing and expressing in Facebook will not be affected.

On 25th February, the government announced that the social media companies will remove the inappropriate content within 36 hours. Then government threshold the 50 lakh users defining them as a specific social media intermediary and now the large platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will follow the new IT guidelines. They have also provided a three-month time period to remove the content on their platform. These companies are instructed to share their monthly report which shows that companies have taken action and also update the details of content removed. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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