It may sound a bit strange that you need an office chair for work and a gaming chair for gaming; but it is true. If you are fond of gaming, you certainly need a gaming chair. Here are some of the reasons why you need it.

Support Needed for Gaming Posture

When you are at play, the posture of your body is different from the posture that it has during professional work. That’s a big reason why you should have a gaming chair for gaming.

You know by experience that when you are at work, sitting in the office chair, your body is almost static. You are engrossed in thinking, researching, typing, etc in such a way that you forget even to change your body posture for hours. Therefore, you will notice that the office chair is designed to hold your body up for work. Laidback attitude doesn’t help accomplish anything in professional life.

So, what happens is that when you are engaged on official tasks, the burden of your body ultimately rests upon your back, shoulders and knees. Add to your body weight the downward gravitational pull. For a long time you aren’t aware of the fact that it is bending you down both at your back and your neck, resulting in a body shape that resembles a drooping plant.

These effects of sitting in a chair for long hours show up a lot faster when you regularly play games on TV or computer. This is because when you are playing, you don’t sit in a relaxed manner in your chair. The reason is that though you are seated in your chair, you are full of action on mental plane. That makes you sit stiff for hours on end in your chair.

Of course, what happens on the screen may make you shift your body weight on the body parts we already mentioned. But this shifting of weight is not for relaxation but for taking part in the actions that take place during the games.

Since you cannot do anything to be relieved of the strain that gaming puts on your body, it is the chair you use that needs to help you. The ordinary office chair is not going to help. It is the gaming chair that can with its scientifically designed back and neck supports. These are cushioned nicely to support your lower back and neck, and keep them from getting damaged.

The important thing is that the support for your lower back and neck are adjustable. This adjustability is necessary because different people have different size and they need to adjust the lumbar and neck supports into a position where they are perfectly aligned with the curvature of these body parts.

Features That Comfort

Apart from padded supports, the gaming chair also offers up to 180˚ tilt position and adjustable arms. If you spend long hours in gaming, at some point of time the weariness starts telling on you. On such occasions you can tilt the back of the chair at 180˚ and stretch out on it. Some chairs offer foot rest whereas some don’t. It is good to have one having foot rest, but it is certainly not necessary. If you have it, it increases your comfort level when stretching out on it.

Different tilt positions and shoulder supports work best for you while playing games with game consoles. No less important is the arm adjustment when you are dealing with the keypad and mouse. It allows you to adjust armrests in such a way that they not only facilitate the use of the mouse and keys but also adequately support your upper body.

Finally, there is the height adjustment that is invariably found in both the office and the gaming chair. It is a must in order to set the height of the chair in such a way that you find the screen at your eye level. Though this detail may not sound very important, you learn it by experience that if the height of the chair is adjusted in such a way that the screen is located below the eye level, it so happens that you have to leave the support for your upper back and shoulders in order to tilt your head toward the screen. It will give you problems like stiff neck and frozen-shoulder like condition because your torso is supported on your arms.

Similarly, if the screen is above the eye level, then also it would result in conditions like musculoskeletal problems and neck pain.

Best Gaming Experience

When your body is evenly poised in a gaming chair, it not only considerably reduces the strain it also gives you the immersive experience that you seek after.

Finally, it would be quite relevant to conclude by citing a comment made by Lavanay in his article about best gaming chairs on ECD website:

“Gaming chairs have undergone gradual development and, interestingly, their development is geared up to the development of games. It enables us to typify different gaming chairs.”

To know more about which one is good for you, kindly visit the website. It contains some very useful information there.


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