Here we are sharing shocking news with you that, Louie Castro and Fernando breakup. There is lots of reason for their breakup. People love to see them together. Louie is a YouTuber, he has a channel on YouTube, Who’s one of YouTube’s favorite makeup artists.

Why did Louie Castro and Fernando Breakup

But now some rumors are spreading on social media related to their breakup. Both are very good personalities. Here we will tell you that all are rumors or true about their relationship. Here we will tell you all the details with facts. We will try to cover all information in this blog, So read the entire article.

Why did Louie Castro and Fernando Breakup

Let us tell you Fernando is yet to post a video about it, Louie Took to his YouTube on Thursday, 23 December, to clear the air which is spreading. We are not together now. We separated, and we have been not together for about a month. Fernando put the statement on Instagram.

He said their relationship didn’t end on any bad terms,” Louie said explaining the situation even further. They have observed there were no more ups, there were downs.” that’s why They just ended the relationships.

Louie further talked about drawing the line and said, she had to finally put her foot down and be like what is this relationship.” And as we know they were very famous couple among the people, the star talked as well about the couple. ‘arguing over little things.”

Louie had explained many things about love, she says it just was not about how it used to be, and the only thing keeping us together was thinking about what it used to be,” she said the love was not as strong as it used to be.

Louie explained when and why the couple broke up, another video of Fernando is going viral on social media. The clip, which watches to be recent, in this video Fernando kissing an unidentified guy while dancing in the club. The video was posted online a few days ago has got some fans questioning if Fernando cheated on Louie.

However, both quickly cleared the rumors and they have disclosed their relationship status, which is they are not together now, the specific reasons are not clear yet. They have taken the decision with maturity. We should understand them and respect their decision. If we get any update regarding this, we will tell you first. Stay connected for more updates.


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