Here we are sharing shocking news with you, that Chris Wallace announced he would be leaving FOX News. It’s very sad news for those, who want to see him and listen to him. They will never see him on FOX News. Many people follow him because of his intelligence. people have expressed their thoughts on social media. Chris Wallace confirmed he would be leaving Fox news, and since then, several people have been wondering if he had been fired. We have all answers to the questions. We will give you all information about this in this article.

Chris Wallace

The news anchor has been part of Fox News since 2013 and who watch him, everyone shocked. Let us tell you Chris was not fired. He is leaving Fox News because he got a better opportunity at CNN. Chris said while his segment, “It is the last time, I have to say with sadness, we will meet as this. said The bosses here at Fox promised me eighteen years ago, they would never interfere with a guest I booked or a question or a question I asked. They have completed that promise”.

Charis Wallace decides to join CNN Chris is a past master when it comes to television news anchoring. However, he is deciding to stop things up as he joins CNN’s new streaming service. Charis express about this new career path, “I am excited to join CNN+ after decades in broadcast and cable news, He said he is thrilled to explore the world of streaming. He looks forward to the new freedom and pliable streaming affords in interviewing major figures beyond the news landscape -and searching new ways to tell stories.”

CNN Worldwide president Jeff Zucker said that Chris’ addition “speaks volumes about our commitment to journalism and CNN+ and they are very excited to have Chris on the ground floor or helping us build the next generation of CNN and news”. As per sources, the streaming service is set to launch in early  2022. Now the company is currently hiring many people and creating more programs for watching. CNN+ will be a subscription-based platform. What will be the price of the subscription, it will be announced later, along with shows that are set to be showcased. Now let’s see what will happen. If you want more update so stay cannected with us.


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