The popular old-age man known as the owner of the famous “Baba Ka Dhaba” in Malviya Nagar of South Delhi, has been admitted to Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital on Thursday after attempting suicide at his place today, said Delhi police. The owner of “Baba Ka Dhaba” named Kanta Prasad, 80, attempted suicide the late night of Thursday. According to the doctor’s report, his health condition is not enough good. Why did he take this step? The reason behind his suicide attempt is not cleared yet and the police are investigating this case.

Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Attempt Suicide

According to the police, they received a PCR call on Thursday night and knew about a man, who attempted suicide and rushed to the Safdarjung hospital. Later, the police reached the spot and found that he is Kanta Prasad. Now, the treatment of Kanta Prasad is underway. On the other side, Prasad’s wife told police that his husband was depressed for the last few days because of his condition. All the details about this incident told by a senior police officer.

With these details, the wife of Kanta Prasad told police that a few months ago, we started a restaurant with the donation money, and later, we closed due to lack of money. Then, we came back to our roadside stall but establishing and running the roadside stall was the cost around Rs 1 Lakh and our income is just only around Rs 30,000.

Kanta Prasad, who is also known as “Baba Ka Dhaba” made his popularity through a Youtuber named “Gaurav Wasan” but later, Kanta Prasad filed a complaint against Youtuber for alleged stealing or cheating of money. Let us tell you that Gaurav helped Kanta and his wife for raising their roadside stall and also, helped them to survive in Pandemic.

Last year, Gaurav shared a video with Kanta Prasad on his Youtube channel on the 7th of October where the owner talking about the lack of customers in his area, and because of this, he can’t be surviving during the pandemic. The video went viral in just a single day and later, many people come forward to help Kanta Prasad and his wife to run the roadside stall. On the other side, many people donated money to him.

Later, Kanta Prasad told the media that Gaurav just gave him a cheque of Rs 2 Lakh and also, added that the people just only come to him for selfies and videos and due to this, he was unable to sell his food through his stall. But recently, the Youtuber reached to the baba’s stall and shared one more video with him, where he told that he has forgotten everything and ready to start a new way with Kanta Prasad. When he made this video and uploaded it on his account, it went viral like a fire in the forest.


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