Queen’s police is investigating the shooting case in which a Chinese food delivery boy died. Yes, a food delivery boy whose name is Yan Zhiwen was sadly killed. According to the sources, Yan Zhiwen was a Chinese food delivery boy who was shot and killed while on his scooter Saturday night in Queens. Now, the investigation of this shooting has begun and police is locating the shooter. The incident took place near 108th Street and 67th Drive in Forest Hills at around 09:30 PM hours after Mayor Eric Adams met with NYPD precinct commanders to address crime.

yan zhiwen

The incident took place on Saturday, April 30, 2022, while Yan Zhiwen was sitting on his scooter and waiting for the light to change at crossing in Forest Hill on Saturday night when a man approached him and fired several shots at him, told police. The gunman went back to the car and drove away as soon as possible.

How Did Zhiwen Yan Die?

Yan Zhiwen was rushed to the Elmhurst Hospital Center, where he was declared dead. As of Sunday, there is no arrest made yet. Well, officials didn’t find the motive behind the shooting yet but said that the officials are investigating the case that Mr. Yan had been targeted because of his Asian ethnicity in an episode of road rage.

According to the sources, the shooting incident was captured in the CCTV camera before he was gunned down at point-blank in the middle of a residential street. An official Twitter page of Christina Fan tweeted,” This is 45-year-old Yan Zhiwen, a hard-working food delivery worker from Queens who was shot and killed at near point-blank range Saturday evening. He worked at the Great Wall restaurant in Forest Hills for over a decade and leaves behind 3 children”.

Who Was Zhiwen Yan?

Yan Zhiwen’s widow is still shocked after losing his beloved husband. Kun Ying Zhao said,” They told me,” Your husband died. I told them they are lying. My heart broke into pieces. I told him please stank up and come home with me”.  His family said he was the most doting and a hardworking father of his three children and the youngest one is just 2 years old. He had been working at the Great Wall restaurant in Queens from dawn until dusk. Along with this, he also opened a laundromat with his wife to provide a better life to their kids. Police are asking help to find out the shooter.


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