Recently, a piece of news come that a husband killed her own wife for Insurance money. Yes, we are talking about Yuan Hua Liang as her body was found in her Cypress home. The name of her husband is Christopher Collins. Let us tell you that he killed her wife just after she signed a $250,000 life insurance policy.

Who was Yuan Hua Liang Details

She was a Texan native but her husband killed her for just a piece of money. So far, he has been charged with murder and the court has issued a statement against him. The news went viral because no one thinks that a husband does this type of activity with his wife.

Who was Yuan Hua Liang?

Talking about the official statement, Fox 26 stated that “(Collins) murdered his wife with a firearm, then went to great lengths to make it look like she was killed by an intruder”. According to the reports, she was shot by once only on the head. No other injuries were found on her body.

Let us also tell you that she was only 46 years old when she, unfortunately, died at the hands of her own husband. If we talk about the personal life of Yuan Hua Liang then her LinkedIn profile shows that she was the Project Leader at HomeOne Consulting.

It is appearing that she was the owner of HomeOne Consulting and she provides her services to other firms since 2019. Talking about the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Beall’s statement, Collins asked to send police officers to his house.

When two deputy officers reached his home, he tells a story that Liang allegedly told him that someone is encroaching on their property but he was unable to talk to her at that time. When Collins entered his house with the police, they found Liang dead. As per the prosecution, Collins was at his gym for a workout when his wife was killed.

Before the police reached the spot, Collins stated that her wife, wallet was missing but the police has found her wallet and cosmetic bag in Collin’s locker at the gym. So far, the police have arrested Collins for allegedly killing her wife for Insurance money.

The prosecutor said in the case “Officers searching the house found a sheet of paper on a desk inside the residence, the paper for $250,000 in life insurance. The officer said that the respondent and the complainant had signed the paper for life insurance on November 16, 2021”. We will update all the information related to the upcoming news.


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