Actress Thuthuka Mthembu who is known for her amazing role as Nonka from Uzalo has become a topic on the Internet and every single person around the world is talking about her. According to the rumors or hoaxes on social media, it is revealing that the actress has passed away.

Who Was Thuthuka Mthembu

Yes, the rumors are believing that Thuthuka Mthembu aka Nonka has gone from this world and she died in a car accident that took place just a few days ago. After hearing this news, many fans took the support of social media to pay tribute to her and expressed their deep condolence.

Who Was Thuthuka Mthembu?

On the other side, some of the people are believing this news is the fake rumor. They are believing that the news is just fake or something else but the actress is still alive, fit, and fine in her life.

Is Thuthuka Mthembu Dead or Alive? South African Actress Nonka From Uzalo Death Hoax Rumors Explained!

We are here to reveal each and every truth behind these rumors and clear that what happened with her? Has Thuthuka Mthembu really died or it is kind of a publicity stunt. If you want to know about Thuthuka Mthembu, keep reading this article and know the truth behind these rumors.

Thuthuka Mthembu is a South African actress who is well known for her role as Nonka in Uzalo soap opera. Well, the actress is currently capturing big attention on social media because the rumors of her death are circulating on social media. Let us tell you that a Twitter page named “9ice Entertainment” confirmed that the actress is alive.

Is Nonka From Uzalo Dead or Alive?

The page tweeted,” We have received confirmation from Thuthuka Mthembu well known Nonka on Uzali that the rumors of her involvement in a car accident as well as her passing are false, she is very much alive”.

It seems that the tweet was a relief for many fans because she is alive and living with her family. But, most of the rumors are describing her death and believing that she has died. No, the actress is not dead and living her life happily.

Many are also believing in Thuthuka Mthembu’s death because in the past few months, many accident cases have been reported and it seems that Thuthuka Mthembu died in a car accident that took place on December 20, 2021. Well, there is no confirmation that she died in the accident or not but many are believing that she could be her who lost her life in this horrific accident.

What Was Thuthuka Mthembu Aka Nonka Uzalo Cause of Death?

Along with this, the actress shared a picture of herself in her Instagram account where she is holding a glass of red wine. She is looking pretty in her picture and did not share any kind of details regarding any involvement in the accident. @thuthuka.m_ is the Instagram name of the actress. You may check her profile and now more about her.


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