On Tuesday, December 14 there was an incident that happened and now the news making everyone shocked. According to the news media, Mexican actress Tania Mendoza was killed in a shootout in Cuernavaca, south-central Mexico.

Who Was Tania Mendoza

It is very sad to hear but Tania Mendoza is no more among us and she has been shot dead. Here is the complete report with statements that you should know and get all the information briefly. Let’s do the information.

Who Was Tania Mendoza?

As per the details, the investigation has been started and till now there is no one arrested in this case. The criminal is yet to be found. The actress was declared dead after paramedics reached the crime scene. The investigation is under process and we will get the update in a few moments. To know all the updates stay here in this article.

Now looking that who was Tania Mendoza then we want to share some information she was a singer who turned actress. Her performance as an actress was found in 10 Horas antes de morir in 2005. She had several other projects for the next six years. Also, Los 3 chacales y la carroña was released in 2011.

She was 42 years old. Tania appeared in the 2003 film Los 3 chacales y la carroña where she has portrayed the role of La Reyna. She has performed around 25 credits as an actress since she was debut in 1998.


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She made her acting debut when she was only 19 years old. Tania released five albums that featured songs in the local Mexican language as a singer.

While along with it, she has made her life private and there are not many details are available publicly. We are looking for it but one of the major reasons for not disclosing her personal life is that we care about her privacy and don’t want to hurt the emotions of her family.

Talking about her relationship then we want to tell you that she married an individual named Rafael Sanchez Rojas. Mendoza and her family were abducted from her car wash business. The two were reportedly beaten and held captive for a few hours before being released. For further information stay to get in touch with us and get all the updates.


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