In Miami Beach, a piece of very shocking news has arrived that a young dad fatally shot died. A George native has been arrested to shot 21 years old Dustin Wakefield a Colorado resident who spent his holidays with family on the beach. He was not alone at the time when Tamarius Blair Davis shot him. He was with his wife and 1-year-old son.

Georgia man high on mushrooms kills man

The shocking part of the news is Tamarius proceeded to dance over his body after shooting him. The video of his dancing went viral on some platforms and many people sharing the heart-wrenching news on several social media platforms.

Who Was Tamarius Davis?

The video clearly showing that Davis dancing on top of Wakefield’s body in a manner of celebration. Just after the incident happened at the place, the police also reached to arrest him and he has been arrested now. Let us tell you that Wakefield belongs from Castle Rock, Colorado and he was in Miami Beach on vacation with his family.

On 24th August 2021, he was on a dinner with his family at the La Cervecaria restaurant around 6:30 PM. When the incident happened, his wife and son were also there and they both see the brutal and random murder in front of their eyes.

After that, Wakefield’s uncle Mike shared a statement “This guy came in with a gun, waving it, saying it’s time to die. He pointed the gun at his son and Dustin said, “He’s only a boy.” Dustin stood up between the gunman and the baby and he shot him. He shot him multiple times on the ground”. Talking about the murderer, Tamarius Blair Davis is a 22 years old gunman hailing from Norcross Georgia. He had traveled to Miami Beach with some friends but his father stated that he has no criminal record in past and he worked with the UPS.

His father also claimed that he does not have any past arrest record and his mental health is also perfect as he never showed any signs that he is mental. Meanwhile. Davis’s statement said that he was high on Mushrooms and felt empowered from the effect of the psychotropic drug.

Currently, Davis has been arrested by the police and the video clip of the dance of Davis on the dead body of Wakefield went viral on several social media platforms. Currently, Wakefield’s wife suffering from a very tough time and the family has set up a GoFundMe page to get support. Our deepest condolences to his wife and 1-year-old son.


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