Another heart-breaking news has just arrived that a 21 years old woman from Florida was found dead after 2 days of missing. Her dead body was found in South Carolina. The name of the woman is Sheridan Wahl. She was the last to go from her house to go Myrtle Beach to visit her father but never made it home.

who is sheridan wahi

Her mother wrote a desperate post on Facebook, begging people to help locate her. She was 21 years old and now her dead body totally devastated her family members as no one can expect this with her. The police also investigating the entire matter because everyone wants to know the truth behind her sudden death.

Who Was Sheridan Wahl?

Talking about her mother, Kelly DeArment Wahl, she wrote on 20th September “Please help me find my daughter. Last seen at 300 S. Ocean in Myrtle Beach. We haven’t heard from her since 1p and her phone is not picking up. She could have been driving back from Myrtle Beach to Tampa. Let let me know if anyone has seen her. Otherwise please pray she comes home to us safely”. When Kelly gets to know that her daughter is no more alive, she gets a very dreaded shock that totally broke her heart.

Let us tell you that on 21st September, Wahl’s body was found behind a fire station in Pamplico, SC, 50 miles west of Myrtle Beach. The police have not revealed her cause of death but many people searching for it. Her family members are very upset after knowing this saddened and heart-wrenching truth.

Currently, the police investigating the entire matter are constantly searching for every aspect of the incident. Her family and friends are suffering from a very tough and bad time that totally wrench their hearts whenever they remember Sheridan Wahl.

So, Gabby Petito was also found dead after missing and the police investigating the entire matter. Talking about the suspect in this incident then her boyfriend is currently runoff and the police searching for him to find the real truth behind the incident. The police are already searching for this incident since Wahl was found missing.

Now, when her dead body was found and her family members and loved ones are totally devastated. On September 21, Wahl’s body was found behind a fire station in Pamplico, SC, 50 miles west of Myrtle Beach. The cause of death is yet to be decided. So stay connected with us to know more information related to this incident.


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