Shelby County Police Department found a body of just a 4-years-old girl from Kentucky. The girl went missing more than a year ago and now, her lifeless body was found. According to the sources, the mother of the girl and her live-in boyfriend has been charged in the murder case of the baby girl.

Who Was Serenity McKinney

The body of the girl has been identified as Serenity McKinney’s and her remains were found on Friday, February 18, 2022 along a winding road in Kentucky, According to the sources, she went missing on December 24, 2020.

Who Was Serenity McKinney?

There is no much available about Serenity but her missing complaint was reported by her grandparents and she went missing more than a year. The girl’s mother Catherine who is 21-years-old has left the town and broke her all contact with family members. Catherine also refused to co-operate with the police during the investigation of this case.

According to the sources, Serenity was last seen at the Family’s home in Shelby County, about an hour ago where her deceased body was found. Catherine’s boyfriend named Dakota Hill is 26-years-old and they both have been charged with murder and abuse with the girl.

The reports were revealing that they both have been taken into custody. The grandparents of Serenity filed a missing complaint of the girl after Catherine broke her all relations and contacts with her family and kept telling them that girl was okay. For more than a year, the family was unable to touch the girl.

Body of 4-year-old Serenity McKinney Found in Kentucky

The grandmother of Serenity, Aundrea Wainscott quoted,” She had gotten back in contact with us through messenger, pretty much saying they are OK. but still wouldn’t let us talk to Serenity or show us Serenity”.

Police also told that Catherine totally refused to co-operate with them when they reached to them and tried to talk to her. The sources also tells that Catherine left the family’s house from Shelby County and now, she has been arrested by police along with her boyfriend. Now, the body of the child has been transferred to the Kentucky Medical Examiner Office in Louisville by the Bullitt County Coroner’s Office. Now, the autopsy report was opened up on Saturday morning, February 19. Now, the investigation has began and police are trying to find out the cause of her death. Still, it is not cleared that Serenity’s mother and her boyfriend killed her or not but soon, it will be revealed by the police.


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