Who Was Saraswati Das? Bengali Model Saraswati Das Found Dead: This is the fourth incident that is repeated as one model was found dead in her apartment. Her name was Saraswati Das and was just 18 years old, By profession, she was a make-up artist, and found hanged in the room. She had received many offers, She had also done modeling for small platforms to get experience. she lived in Kasaba at Bediadanga. After hearing the death news of Saraswati, her family & relatives are shocked and in deep pain. Her parents said that she just want to pursue her dream, they never know that she will take this step. Maybe someone forced her or blackmail her.

Who Was Saraswati Das Bengali Model Saraswati Das Found Dead Committed Suicide

As per police reports, this is a case of suicide, but they have to see this from different angles. Her grandmother first saw her hanged and then she cut the rope with a knife and took her to the hospital where she got dead. Her family is now waiting for her post-mortem report. The police also said that they are trying to find if Saraswati had a connection with the other three models who died because they attempted suicide. This will help them to solve the case. The name of the three models was Bidisha, Manjusha, and Pallavi. Who Was Saraswati Das? Bengali Model Saraswati Das Found Dead

Saraswati Das Committed Suicide Photos and Videos Explained

Earlier, the three cases of attempted suicide have come one of them is Manjusha Neogi who was found dead in the Kolkata Paul area on 27th May. She also hung herself in her house. Another incident happened on 29th May, a model Bidisha was found dead in Nagerbazar in her rented house.

And again the same news came that a model named Pallabi who was a Bengali actor found dead in her rented house in the Kolkata garfa area. This death of the model has shocked everyone and their families are in deep pain.

According to police, they think there is a connection between these models as these four models died in their apartment. Also, these were from the same profession and died in their house. Police are making assumptions maybe someone blackmailed them or they got stuck in something serious.

Saraswati’s parents told them that she was living at her Nani house for 17 years. Saraswati gives tuition to children and she left her school after his 10th. She was also in depression because she had problems in her relationship with her boyfriend. The police now investing in this case and trying to find out the reason she took that step.

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