A man has alleged that he was “morale crushed” after being fired from his job because of his colostomy bag. The name of the man is Ryan Pacheco and he is all set to sue Burger King as the company has been fired from his job just because of his health. The 20 years old man was employed at the burger joint of Burger King in Huntington Station. On 28th June 2021, he joined the company for $15 for an hour but he was fired on the first day of his job, and on 29th June 2021, he filed a case against the company.

Burger King sued for firing Long Island employee news

Who Was Ryan Pacheco?

The incident that happened with Ryan Pacheco was actually very disgusting as when he was going into the company for the interview, the assistant manager was accepting him as his shirt is out of his pants. After that, on the day of his joining on 2nd July, he faces another assistant manager in the Huntington Station who was not accept him in this situation and tells him to tuck in his shirt inside his pants.

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But he denied it and explain that he is not able to tuck his shirt because of the colostomy bag. He also explains that if he tucks his shirt inside his pants then the chances of leak will increase that leaves him in a very dreaded pain.

Island Man Fired From Burger King

Even after his explanation, the assistant manager does not think too before firing him from the job. The manager pulled him aside and informed him that he could not work due to his colostomy bag. Ryan Pacheco also to an interview that he worked in 2019 at a Florida McDonald’s but he never faces any issues there due to his colostomy bag.

Now, he put a case against Burger King, and actually, he was completely broke because of this unacceptable incident that happened on the first day of his job.

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Otherwise, Ryan Pacheco also claimed that he did not receive any payment for his one day of work at Burger King. Not only this but when the incident becomes too big and comes into the highlight, millions of netizens joined it and regularly talking about the incident that happened with Ryan. It is actually a very unexpected thing that happened with Ryan as no one can judge any person because of his physical disability.

Ryan Pacheco put allegation on Burger King and the case is running. We are waiting to know some more updates on the related case as everyone is eager to know about it. We will update here all the information related to the incident.


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