A person has been taken into custody after he was charged with first-degree murder. Yes, a person from Springfield has been arrested by the police and the investigation of the case is underway. Many people are getting curious to get more details of the incident. Well, a man named Robin Roberts who is 42-years-old stabbed two people to death in Springfield. According to the sources, a call was received by police at around 09:15 PM on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, that reported a dispute between multiple people.

who was rischard brumbach

While the dispute was happening between several people at the time on the 700 block of 28th Street. According to the Witnesses, a man with a knife stabbed to people who lost their lives at the spot. When the police rushed to the spot following the call, they found a man named Robin Roberts, 42, who belongs to Springfield in a parking area holding a bloody knife in his hand, according to the police. By using the de-escalation techniques, officers forced Roberts to drop his knife, and he was detained. Here are lots of witnesses of the incident who saw each and every movement of the incident. Keep reading to get more details of the incident.

Who Was Richard Brumbach and Joshuah Vining?

When police rushed to the spot after receiving a call, they found two victims who were unconscious and covered in blood, said police. It appeared that they have stabbed multiple times and the person had the intention to kill them. According to the police reports, two victims were identified as Richard Brumbach who was 65-years-old and Joshuah Vining who was 47-years-old at the time of their death.

Both victims belong to Springfield. Despite the officer’s attempts to render aid, both person died of their injuries at the spot. Later, Robin Roberts was taken to the Springfield Police Department and then to Lane County Jail on two charges of first-degree murder.

Richard Brumbach Cause of Death?

It has not been cleared yet the police has sent the information about victims to their families or not but if they have so, the entire families must be suffering from a difficult time. They need our prayers and support to control their emotions regarding their beloved family members.

Now, the investigation of this case is ongoing and police are trying their best to get more details about this horrific incident. If you have any kind of information regarding to the incident, contact officials at 541-726-3714. Your one step can provide justice to someone. Stay tuned with us to know more details.


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