Who Was Phat Nguyen From Michigan University? A piece of shocking news has recently come that a party was hosted by PiAlpha PHi which is now banned. This party was organised at the Michigan State University and this incident also happened in the same. If you want to know the whole story keep reading this article for further information. This party was arranged to welcome the new members the last year. A toxic drink was given to the new pledges by the three fraternity brothers. This drink is given to the four students in which one died due to the intoxication and the other three got hospitalized.

Who Was Phat Nguyen From Michigan University Cause Of Death 3 Fraternity Brothers Charged In Death Of Phat Nguyen

This incident happened on 20th Nov 2022. Phat Nguyen was the name of that child who died because of that drink at the age of 21. Those four students were found unconscious and there was an unpleasant smell of urine coming from the basement. Who Was Phat Nguyen From Michigan University?

Who Was Phat Nguyen? Cause Of Death

They were found wearing nothing except their shorts. One person said that he saw dripping blood from one of the pledgers. The smell was so awful that anyone can get faint. Some said the pledgers first went to the basement to take the photos together. Someone called the Police after seeing the pledgers around 2 AM, the police found Phat in a horrible condition and not able to breathe.

A medical report said that alcohol intoxication was the reason for this condition. After the investigation Police get able to know who did it to them. Ethan Cao, Andrew Nguyen, and Hoang Pham who were the fraternity brothers did this with them. They were responsible for their condition and now they are suffering the punishment for what they did. As a report shared by the Lansing State Journal, these three accused frat boys have to spend their 15 years of life in jail with a fine of $10,000.

These types of cases come at least once in the University for the hazing death every year. Police said Phat died because he consumed alcohol too much. The officer said that students have to stop this consumption as this is not a need. It also has bad impacts on the body. In favor of his brothers, Stinson said that his brother didn’t haze the pledgers. Some said that Hazing is now a part of life and is going on for hundred years. people have to take care of themselves on their own especially students have to take care of this as this can lead to more death-like Phan.

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