There is shocking news that appears in headlines that a man who was an English teacher, 26, dies in Kabul airport crossfire. During the investigation, it was reportedly found that his name is Noor Ahmad Amiri. He was just 26 years old. The recently happened gunfire at Kabul airport became the place of many deaths.

Who Was Noor Ahmad Amiri

He was worked with British Council workers at the Afghanistan equivalent of Sandhurst Military Academy. After being shot by a bullet he was immediately rushed to the hospital. But unfortunately, he lost the battle with life.

Who Was Noor Ahmad Amiri?

on August 26, Kabul saw the terrorist attack first time. On the basis of reports, this attack did by ISIS-K. Two bombs detonated near Hamid International Airport’s Abbey Gate and the Baron Hotel.

Reportedly found that over 70 innocent people were murdered in this attack, in which 12 US Marines and an army doctor included. ISIS-K, an affiliate of Islamic terror group has officially claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings, and even released a photo of the alleged bomber.

Noor Ahmad was in line with his two brothers and spouses when this terrible incident happened at the airport. He was injured in the incident and after the week he died in the hospital on Wednesday. The details about his profession have been taken from the Twitter bio.

English Teacher Dies in Kabul Airport Crossfire

The UK has refused to evacuate a group of people who worked for the British Council teaching English to Civil workers. On the basis of news, Amiri and his two brothers and their wives successfully received visas from the United States. But the remainder of the family was told to go through the airport after Amiri was shot in the neck and flown to camps in the Middle East.

The incident that happened at the Kabul airport put everyone in deep fear. the current situation is so terrible. After the killing of Noor Amiri his colleague is in extreme fear. “We served them, we did our best. I don’t know why the British Council have left us behind,” the woman, who is also in her 20s, said.


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