A mother of four children, Neida Tijerina, 29, was seemingly killed during long hours with police standoff who were with her armed husband. The police Chief of San Antonio, McManus addressed the death of Tijerina during the press conference which was held on July 28. He said,” It was the heartbreaking and tragic incident for those who involved and I offer my deepest sorrow with the children of the victim and her family members”. Now, the police are investigating the case deeply and trying to find out if there is something suspicious behind this incident.

Who is Neida Tijerina Wiki-Bio

Who Was Neida Tijerina?

Along with this case, another case came out which took place in the recent past where an officer and innocent civilians also lost their lives during the standoff. According to the reports, officer Gordon Beesley was serving under the Arvada Polie Department in Colorado and was killed on June 21 while he was handling the tragic incident and who shot dead in the encounter but he also encountered the shooter in a shot.

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With this, the incident took a life of an officer, a shooter, and as well an innocent passer-by. On the other side, another crime was reported where Toledo Police Department’s officer Brandon Stalker was also shot dead during a conflict when a suspect came outside his home holding two firearms in his hand and started shooting blindly over the officers.

Neida Tijerina Incident?

As per the reports of the Police, the police department visited to the apartment of Tijerina on Monday, July 26. They reported that a suicidal man is threatening to kill his wife who was staying with her three children in the house.

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When the police arrived at the scene, they found that it was a situation of hostage where a suspect named Angel Sanchez, 28, was holding fully-loaded shotgun armors and also wearing body armor. The report says that Sanches had also reported before for his domestic violence and during the conflict, he said that he will kill his wife and then, kill himself too.

When the situation was read by police, they took the help of SWAT and as well as a hostage negotiator. Sanchez also came out with his gun and pointing at officers. Sanchez said that they are trying to get him into the conflict and trying to make him surrender but it was unsuccessful as he went back to his apartment.

Tijerina left the house during the conflict but was not ready to stay with the police as her children were inside her house and she couldn’t leave them alone. Also, Sanchez left the house but he went back inside.

Later, police opened fire at Sanchez when he came outside for the third time but he still pointing at Sanchez and on the other side, three officers also opened fire on him and later, Sanchez dropped down his guns and police took him into custody but during the conflict, Tijerina was shot dead and found inside the apartment.

Two children out of four, a youngest and eldest one, 3 months and 13-years-old was badly injured. Sanchez was charged for the three counts for assaulting cases. It was heartbreaking to hear that an innocent mother died by saving her children.

Now, the GoFundMe campaign has started for the children to support the family of Tijerina. You can also support the family by donating a little amount to the family by visiting the official website of GoFundMe. The goal of the organization is $5,000 for supporting the family.


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