An incident was reported from a Texas high school teacher who was attacked by four middle school students. According to the sources, a teacher from the school suffered a broken arm after she was attacked by a group of boys. Now, the latest reports reveal that those students have been arrested for attacking Michael Shott at Langham Creek High School.

Teacher Beaten By Dirt Biker Students

The students were from Aragon Middle School. Following the threats made via social media, the security of the school has been made more strong. Keep reading to know more updates.

Who Is Michael Shott?

According to the social media reports, the incident took place on February 10, 2022. Since then, it was just the latest in a large line of violent outbursts by students. Also, a video was noticed on the Internet where a student at Las Vegas High School brutally beat a classmate and the teacher was trying to stop the student.

Along with this, a video was also seen in December 2021, where a Brooklyn public school seized 21 weapons after a surprise check on students, after the discovery of a ghost gun. Maybe, the incidents have been rising in the country related to violence.

The violence has been growing on school campuses, leading to some truly deadly attacks. Among these, a shott is involved who was forced to run away after being attacked by students. On the other side, the incident was filmed by others.

According to the reports, Michael Shott is a physics teacher at the Langham Creek High School, located in Harris County, Texas. The reports from school websites show that he also serves as an assistant coach of the baseball team of the school’s men. When he was attacked, he was coaching the class.

There is no presence of the teacher on social media. During this attack, he suffered a broken arm as a result of the attack. Simply, the incident took place because he was doing his job, told Shott’s mother. The reports also revealed that four students were riding on dirt bikes or ATVs on the ground of Langham Creek High. After seeing this, he was not happy and asked them politely to stop this.

They did not get happy and decided to jump him. Other students chased the teacher and began punching him after he fell down. Later, the bikers managed to run away from the place.

After this incident, the threats were made by the four middle school students of Langham Creek High, who were arrested. Scott did not appear in the school after this incident but it appears his injuries aren’t too serious.



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