On Monday, a Cass County District Court judge has sentenced 38-year-old Brandi Adeleke to prison. The woman from North Dakota has been sentenced to 30 years in prison because she brutally abused and murdered a child of a family friend. She killed the baby in 2020 when the family friend left her baby in her care.

Who Killed Meka Ducheneaux

The court has announced the results of this case on 6th December by sentencing the woman to Life imprisonment for murder and child abuse. The court also announced that the woman will eligible for parole after serving 25 years in jail. The name of the child who was brutally murdered by Brandi is Meka Ducheneaux.

Who Was Meka Ducheneaux?

Let us tell you that Meka Ducheneaux’s aunt Amanda Carrillo earlier said that “She was a good baby. There was no reason why she… She loved hugs and kisses. She would give hugs and kisses all the time. What did my niece do to you, but love you? She loved you so much.

What did she do to you to make you so mad? And why didn’t you bring her home? When did you stop loving her?” Currently, everyone who heard about this tragic incident is just eager to know how she can take the life of an innocent child.

The moment when Carrillo gets to know that her niece is in the hospital was very heart-wrenching for her. Let us tell you that Brandi called Carrillo and states that her niece is admitted to the hospital because she is sick.

When she reached the hospital, she saw a proper crime scene and was completely stunned to see her niece in such a critical condition. She just turned and asks Brandi what she did with her niece as it does not seem that she is just sick.

After putting so much effort from the side of the doctors, she could not survive her injuries. Her autopsy report claimed that there were several blunt force injuries on Meka. After the autopsy reports come to the fore, Carrillo says that Meko had been horribly abused, burned with chemicals, given alcohol, battered, and raped.

Now, the woman who took care of Meka on the last day of Meko was sentenced to life imprisonment for 30 years. Brandi Adeleke is the only prime suspect in the case of killing Meka Ducheneaux. The reason why she killed her has not been revealed yet but we will update all the information here.


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