Who Was Mark Rylance’s Brother Jonathan Waters? In this article, we are going to tell you about news which is hard to believe which is about the oscar-winning actor Sir Mark Rylance’s brother’s death news. Yes, you heard it right; his brother died at age 60. His death news was confirmed by his brother Rylance on his Twitter account he wrote he is sorry to tell us that his younger brother passed away after meeting in an accident. He fell from the bicycle and he got many injuries after that were so severe that he can’t survive the pain. He also gives the information about his funeral. Let’s find more details about his brother Jonathan. Who Was Mark Rylance’s Brother Jonathan Waters

Who Was Mark Rylance's Brother Jonathan Waters Mark Rylance's Younger Brother Jonno Dies Cause Of Death

Who Was Jonathan Waters?

Jonath was the brother of an oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance. He was born in Ashford and completed his graduation from the university school of Milwaukee where his father taught English. In 1978, he returned to England. He had a great knowledge of all types of beverages. He was the most creative and loved actor. His two stepdaughters died in 2012 due to a brain haemorrhage. He worked in a restaurant for 30-years in Chez Panisse. As he was the younger brother of the family he was loved by everyone too.

How Did Jonathan Water Die? Cause Of Death

As information given by his brother, he said he was in Oakland last week on 28th May and was cycling and suddenly a car and his cycle got collapsed and my brother got severe injuries on his head & body. He was taken to the nearby hospital for treatment but his injuries were so deep that he can’t bear the pain and passed away.

While he was suffering from pain his brother was performing in West theatre where he after getting his death news left the theatre and posted his brother’s death news. As told by his brother that his funeral will be held in California on the 11th of and 12th of June. He also said he is going to miss three performances of Jerusalem as he has to attend his younger brother’s funeral.

Jonathan Waters Obituary & Funeral

Well, the actor’s post didn’t clarify where the funeral will be held but it will be taken place in somewhere in California. He also said that I hope people will try to understand my condition. His sister wrote that he was the love of our family, the most lovable child. He left us unexpectedly and we are going to miss him badly. His daughter also shared some of his photos with her and said he was the best dad anyone can ever have. He was my life and now he left us.

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