On Friday, another tragic news has arrived and shocked many people worldwide. So, a 41-year-old woman was found dead on her doorstep with some serious injuries. The woman was found in such a condition on 28th January 2022 in the Bordesley Green area of Birmingham.

marina shaban

Let us also tell you that her name is Marina Shaban who was a loving mother of four children was found lying on the pavement by paramedics. When she was found in this condition, she did not take much time to pass away. She succumbed to her injuries and was not able to survive. Now, the police investigating the case and continuously trying to find who kill Marina Shaban.

Who Was Marina Shaban?

After the case come to the fore, the West Midlands Police also confirmed some details of the case on social media. The official statement of police said “A woman who died in Birmingham on Friday (28 January) has been named as Marina Shaban as her family pays a loving tribute.

We found the 41-year-old woman with serious injuries at the entrance of a property on North Holme, Bordesley Green shortly after 7 pm. Sadly nothing could be done to save her, and she died at the scene; a forensic post mortem examination is due to take place tomorrow (31 January) to establish a cause of death”.

Currently, her family members are totally devastated and mourning her unfortunate demise. Everyone said that she was a very loving and caring mother. So far, several tributes come to the fore on social media platforms in which everyone praying for her resting soul. Her family took to social media and said “A loving, caring, and dedicated mother with a fantastic personality and real zest for life was tragically taken from us before her time.

Marina Shaban Named as Dead Woman in Bordesley

She leaves behind four children and a huge family who loved, admired, and cared for her deeply. The entire family is absolutely devastated by her death and asks that we are given space to grieve, however, urge anyone with information to please come forward”.

The post-mortem has been scheduled to perform on Monday, January 31. Currently, the investigation is going on and the police officers scanning CCTV Footage of the area to get some clue who killed Marina Shaban.

We are very upset to hear about this tragic loss because she doesn’t deserve such a type of end and her family members are also very devastated to see their loved one in such a condition. So far, any clue of the accused who killed her has not discovered yet but we will update all the information when we get any.


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