Who was Manuel Manos Gonzalbo and what was his cause of death? Barcelona Fan Passed Away at 101: The news is from Barcelona as the biggest Barcelona fan had witnessed the rise and fall of many superstars in the world of football. However, this Tuesday, we heard reports that he had passed away and his death was announced by the Catalan giants. The name of the deceased fan is Manuel Manos Gonzalbo. He had joined that club very early in 1932 and had been with the club ever since. It is really amazing to see that he was able to live for more than 100 years and was at the top of the list of members. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Manuel Manos Gonzalbo

Who was Manuel Manos Gonzalbo?

There are more than 140k members in the club and they have been given the right to vote on important matters of the club. The whole club had been in unity to grieve over the loss of the legendary fan that was in their club. He was able to witness many legendary players in his lifetimes such as Johan Cryuff, Diego Maradona, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Lionel Messi to play for Barcelona.

Manuel Manos Gonzalbo Death cause

We have received information that a man named Manuel had died at the age of 101. Living over 100 years is really a big achievement and tells a lot about the man without even saying anything. However, there is no official statement on how the fan died and the only thing that is clear for now is that he has passed away.

The statement of his death came from none other than FC Barcelona. He had been the owner of membership number 1 of the Barcelona FC. As mentioned earlier, he joined the club in 1932 on the 5th of September.

How did Manuel Manos Gonzalbo die?

The death has been very sad for everyone from the club, his family, and also Barcelona FC. However, given that he was able to live and see a whole century is a feat in itself and we can say that he had lived his life completely. I don’t think that he would have wanted anything more than he already had.

The team had issued a statement that said, “We regret to announce the passing at 101 years old of Manuel Manos Gonzalo, owner of FC Barcelona membership number one.” This says that even FC Barcelona has been feeling very sad after the departure of the best fan they had. Even the family and the club must be missing the presence of the legendary fan Manuel Manos Gonzalo.


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