A 10-years-old girl named Lily Peters was found dead in the wooden area after going missing for the last few days. The lifeless body of the girl named “Lily” Peters was found after the investigation began by the police. Now, the police have been reaching a conclusion and made an arrest of a juvenile suspect in the connection with the killing of the 10-years-old, Lily. The news of the suspect’s arrest was confirmed by Police Chief Matthew Kelm on Tuesday night. He said,” The suspect was not a stranger, the suspect was known to the victim. We don’t believe there is any danger to the community at this time”.

Who Was Lily Peters

Well, the police chief neither revealed the name of the suspect yet nor what was the connection between the suspect and Lily. He said that the juvenile-based man has been taken into custody. Along with this, Kelm didn’t say whether the criminal charges had been filed. Well, the arrest of the suspect was made after a day when Lily’s lifeless body was found in the wood. Police launch the homicide investigation in this case. After she went missing when coming back to his aunt’s house. Keep reading to know more about the incident.

Who Was Lily Peters?

Later, Lily’s father called the cops on Sunday night when she didn’t come back to her house from her aunt’s house, said Chippewa Falls Police Department on Monday during a news release. Later, Lily’s bicycle was found by the officer in a wooded area by a walking trail and the area was close to her aunt’s house and near the Leinenkugel’s Brewery Parking lot. Almost at around 9 AM, Lily’s body was found by police and the Chippewa County Coroner’s Office confirmed the remains were Lily’s.

While, police also confirmed that Lily was last seen at the night of her disappearance. Later, the investigation began and the search authorities searched for her by going door to door and using K9 teams. Even, the authorities used drones to search Lily in the wooded area where her bike was found by the officials.

Suspect Arrested In the 10-years-old Murder Case

Well, Kelm did not provide details that who the girl was killed or which kind of evidence was found at the scene. In recent days, the authorities received more than 200 tips. Kelm said,” These tops were critical to solving the case”. Well, the search warrant was also issued at a home where evidence was collected and additional interrogation with the individuals were conducted”. Due to this incident, there is a fear in the people. Well, the security and patrolling have been increased in the state and especially at the drop-off and pic up spots.


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