A whole town is mourning the passing of the little player who unfortunately passed away. It is saddened to hear about the 10-years-old, Long Island-based Lazar LaPenna who lost his life too soon. According to the sources, The entire town and the deceased family remembered a 10-years-old kid. He died while playing in a Little League Baseball game on Long Island over the weekend. Lazar was a fourth-grader student at East School in Long Beach and unfortunately, he has gone from this world. He died on Friday, April 29, 2022, after running to first base and collapsing.

who was lazar lapenna

The tragedy took place at the Little League field on Long Island last week. He collapsed while running to first base. Alice Gainer from CBS2 talked with his broken family on Monday. Lazar went on a cruise with his family and they all celebrated his birthday on Wednesday. He participated in the first Little League game of the season. Later, the News Reporter, Kristin Thorne also spoke to Lazar’s father at his home. The entire LaPenna family is broken and devastated after losing their beloved child. Gregg LaPenna said,” The town has been so supportive, everybody”.

Who Was Lazar LaPenna?

Well, the exact cause of Lazar’s death has not been revealed but his father Gregg LaPenna, who is also the coach of his team told that Lazar was diagnosed with epilepsy several years ago and has been taking medication and being treated by doctors as well. His family told that they didn’t allow Lazar to participate or even play any sports except baseball. Before he died, they entire family celebrated his 10th birthday at a local restaurant but they didn’t expect that they are celebrating this last time.

Lazar’s father said that some presents Lazar are still arriving in the mail. He said,” It’s just so sad’. Lazar was a big fan of baseball and loved to play this sport. At the time, Lazar’s older brother, Gerry LaPenna was coaching first base and his brother put an arm on his shoulder as he tried to brace himself from falling over but then, Lazar collapsed. Gerry said,” He was a really good kid and he loved everything he did”. EMT also tried CPR on Lazar for a time but they failed to bring him back. Currently, the entire town is supporting the family and sending their condolence to his LaPenna’s family.

Lazar LaPenna Cause of Death?

A family lost their beloved son and has been going through a difficult time. League released a statement that reads,” Our deepest sympathies go out to mother Monique, father and coach Gregg, brothers Gerry and Blaze, and the entire LaPenna family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them all at this time”.


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