Who Was Lala From Teletubbies?: Nikki Smedley who played the character with the yellow color in the renowned series among children, The Teletubbies, has been receiving a lot of speculations about her death in the midst of a lack of any conclusive evidence. In this article, we are going to talk about the recent Twitter post related to Nikki Smedley that has been getting into our eyes. We are going to cover every bit of information about her and the famed character she played, Laa-Laa.

Who Was Lala From Teletubbies Actor Nikky Smedley Dead or Alive Details Rumors

Nicola Jane Smedley, an English actress was well known for playing the character of Laa Laa in Teletubbies. She had played the role for a long time. For almost thirty years she worked for children and young people. She had also choreographed the show “Boohbah” and “In the Night Garden”. Who Was Lala From Teletubbies?

Teletubbies have been a part of almost all of our childhood. I am sure you can recall it making you smile when you were a kid. The iconic Teletubbies have made us laugh and learn a lot. The fact that Nikky Smedley was a part of that show and played the yellow Teletubby makes us wonder what could have happened. Her lack of life rumors has been circulating around the Internet.

What happened to Nikki Smedley?

Nikky worked in an unpleasant way and revealed that filming for many hours straight without any breaks inside the outfits that were heavy and irritating. It was a nightmare for her. This might have been the reason which made people believe that she was frustrated with her life. As soon as she went missing, Twitter posts started spreading assuming that she had died and they wished for her to rest in peace.

Laa-Laa’s Wiki

Laa-Laa was a very girly character. She liked to play with her ball along with singing, dancing, and doing ballet. She got her name due to the song she used to sing to herself. She used to be a kind and caring character and had a cheerful personality. She was an Intelligent girl as much as Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Po and she was also the shortest among the Teletubbies having a height of  6’6″, after Po.

Who Played The Role Of Teletubbies? 

Alongside Nikki Smedley, The yellow tubby Laa-Laa there were three others as well. And in the new series, Rebecca Hyland took over the role of Laa-Laa.

The first one is Tinky-Winky, the blue male tubby with a height of 10′ was played by Dave Thompson in 1997 then he was taken over by Mark Heenehan, Simon Shelton in the old series, and Jeremiah Krage in the new series.

Po was the red tubby. She was the youngest and the shortest among the four. The character was played by Pui Fan Lee in the original series and Rachelle Beinart in the new series.

Dipsy was the green male tubby having a height of 8′. The role was played by John Simmit in the original series and Nick Chee Ping Kellington in the new one.

You now have the trivia related to the Teletubbies and this might have been nostalgic for you. It definitely was for me. We will update you when any confirmed and credible info is received on the whereabouts of Nikki Smedley.

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