Here today we will talk about Ruchi Kumari, Ruchi Kumari is the wife of Kamal Khan. She is trending currently on social media after her husband’s demise. The news of the death of a veteran journalist has taken the storm on the Internet. Kamal Khan was the journalist of NDTV and has married Ruchi Kumar after falling in love with each other.

Who Was Kamal Khan?

They were a happily married couple. Sadly the amazing and outstanding journalist passed away. We have lost a very talented and brilliant jounalist. He did great work in his career. This is very sad news for his followers and those who love to watch him. Here we will share several things about the news, we will try to cover all the details in this article. Let’s continue the article. Keep reading.

Who Was Kamal Khan?

As we told you Kamal khan passed away, he took his last breathe today morning in his bungalow. He was Uttar Pradesh’s state journalist for NDTV and covered all the important events. The doctors had proclaimed his demise right after rushing to the hospital, he was suffering from the symptoms of a heart attack today morning.

He left the world after the battle of life. His demise was unexcepted. His wife Ruchi Kumar is in deep trauma to the sudden death of her beloved life partner. The news is circulating on social media at a high speed. People want to know about Ruchi Kumar.

Ruchi has a commendable contribution to the journalism sector. Ruchi has very little fame of her own but she is well known by the public as the wife of Kamal Khan. Mr. Khan was the administrative editor in NDTV.

Veteran Journalist Kamal Khan Passed Away at 61

Let us tell you Kamal khan was a Muslim and Ruhi Kumar a Hindu, Love filled their religious barrier and tied them to an afraid marriage bond in 1995. They loved each other truly. The couple was surviving with their son, Aman, in Lucknow and did not report having any other kid.

According to the report, Ruchi Kumar is a well-discern journalist, and we suppose she receives a good amount of salary. Ruchi is a self-independent lady and she is very dedicated to her job. There is no solid evidence which indicates her salary, she has been served as a journalist for now and she is able to provide all needs for her family.

Ruchi has completed her entire responsibility as a wife, she was a supporting partner but destiny wants something else and Kamal Ji left the world. The couple has done great work in their life until a sudden heart attack parted them.

The couple never judged anybody by their religion and always prove humanity is alive. They taught kids just the same. RIP Kamal Khan. Stay connected for more updates.


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