A father and son were found dead on 21st May. The boy identified as Greyson Kessler and his dead body found with his father. In the court records, the four-year-old boy was staying with his father and his mother tried to remove him from his father. She also talked about those messages that she received from his husband where he threatened in nature. The mother’s attorneys have also filed an emergency on Friday 21st May where she mentioned that her four-year-old Greyson Kessler’s father was not taking care of him. On the same day, at 10 pm, the police found the dead body of the father and son.

Who Was John Stacey

According to the media, John Stacey is the 47-year-old father who shot his son before committing suicide. According to the sources, Stacey was having custody of his son which they shared for a certain time. Kessler said that she found that his husband is not taking care of their son and one day he didn’t take him to the school, then she tried to reach out to them. She immediately called him but he didn’t respond to that. She called him n the next day and also texted him to know the well-being of their son, but Stacey continuously threatened on her call and sent texts as well.

Stacey was upset when he learned that Kessler had a boyfriend. He texted her and said that “You are not allowed to date, anyone. Either it’s me or no one. I will remove child support and quintuple text volume. Then Stacey texted her on 19th May that, ” Clearly you are thinking about taking legal action against me if you are hanging out by the courthouse. Kesseler has also talked about an incident where she believes that Stacey has put a tracker on her car,

so he can keep an eye on her.  She found the tracker and complaint in the police station. The police have said that this is not less than a nightmare for a family to lose their child and we understand that. Our heartfelt condolence to the family in this time of grief. We ensure to the family of the child victim is feeling a massive amount of grief at this time. We will also start the investigation of this incident. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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