Today, we are going to talk about an incident which is catching lots of attention from people. In the past 24 hours, a man Jeffry Allen Burnham killed three people and he is absconding. The police are searching for him and also announced a reward for those people who provide helpful information of his whereabouts.

jeffrey allen burnham

The incident happened in Allegany County but he killed a woman there and then the police speculating he travel to his brother’s house. The complete incident has been described below and you will understand all the key points related to this murder case.

Who Was Jeffrey Allen Burnham?

The police also stated that he is armed and dangerous. So, the complete incident is that Jeffrey Allen Burnham killed his own family members and another person named Rebecca Reynolds. So, Rebecca was his girlfriend as per the sources but it has not been disclosed yet. Jeffrey is 46 years old man from Maryland who first killed his girlfriend in Allegany County and then he stole her 2020 Lincoln car and drove towards Ellicott City.

Later, Howard County Police found the stolen car on Kerger Road. When the police reached the stolen car, they learned that his brother lived nearby. The police then reached the home of his brother where they found his brother Robinette and Kelly Sue Robinette shot dead.

After that, the police claimed that he targeted all the three victims because it is the only connection between all the murders. The police have been speculating that he stole his brother’s 2007 red Chevrolet Corvette car with a blacktop. The police have not found the person yet and they are searching for him to arrest him.

The police also assuming that he escaped from the scene in his brother’s car and he is still be driving the same car. The time of the murder has not been disclosed yet but the police regularly finding all the aspects of this case to understand it and arrest the main accused. As per the reports, Reynolds was clearly hurt and her death has been ruled a murder.

Later, the police also announced Jeffrey Allen Burnham as a wanted criminal with armed weapons. They already asked the community to be aware and keep an eye out for him. So, stay connected with us to know more information related to this topic as we will update all the further information here.


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