Who was James Lambert? 73-Year-Old beaten to death by SEVEN teens: This news will shock you after you came to know about this news. So a group of kids kills a 73-year-old man, yes you heard it right. A group of teens killed a man who was crossing the road. This attack video is now shared on social media and people are getting goosebumps that how such kids can kill a man. This incident happened on 24th June around 2:38 am near North 21st Street in Moore avenue. If you are here to know about this news so you are in the right place. So, let’s have a look at this article. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

James Lambert

Who was James Lambert?

James was the 73-year-old man who was crossing the Cecil B which is closed to Sreet North 21st. A group of teens came to him and they beat him to death with a traffic cone. There were three females with four guys and they all started beating him. As said the officers the children were assaulted many times. This incident took place in North Philadelphia a month ago and this incident was caught on a digital camera. He was sent to the hospital but he got injuries in his brain and other parts of his body and died on the same day.

James Lambert Attackers Arrested?

Well, the case is not solved yet and the police of North Philadelphia are trying to find the culprits they have also made a reward of $20,000 to whosoever will give the information of the culprits. If anyone sees the children anywhere they can call on 911 immediately and if anyone wants to give any other information they should call 215-686-8477. This news is now on the top as people want justice for that guy. People are shocked when they see the video on social media the video is also getting millions of views.

Twitter Tribute To James Lambert

As this news first viral on Twitter and as per information his family saw him some hours ago before his death. This news has now viral and people are giving him tribute on Twitter one wrote that he can’t believe that such age students can do such a crime. Social media is now filled with his death news and the culprits will get in the eye soon as many people are also helping the police to find them as said by the police. We will update you about this news, till then stay connected with us for more latest updates & information.


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