A South Carolina middle school student was shot dead by his 12-years-old classmate. According to the sources, the victim has been identified as 12-years-old, Jamari Cortez Bonaparte Jackson by community activist Bruce Wilson. Jamari Jackson was shot at a Greenville Country middle school and the incident took place on Thursday afternoon. The investigation of this case has begun. Activist Bruce Wilson also released a statement in which he stated,” We are all devastated by today’s tragedy. We love Jamari deadly”. Keep reading to know more about this tragic incident.

who was jamari jackson

The beloved ones, classmates, and the entire school are devastated by the loss of their beautiful soul, Jamari Jackson. As per the updates, another student has been taken into custody. Well, the sources also add that they crossed paths in the hallway, and later, the suspected gunman was found near the building as he was hiding. Jamari died on Thursday after he was shot and killed in the side by an unidentified student at Tanglewood Middle School in South Carolina. He succumbed due to his injuries at around 5 PM at Prisma Health Greenville Memorial.

Who Was Jamari Jackson?

Well, it is still unclear if the shooter had any motive behind this or it was an accidental tragedy. A student of the school and who claimed to be a friend of the shooter is a witness of this cold-blooding killing. Since the news of this incident came out, many people started to pay tribute and expressed condolence to him.

Many took Facebook and Twitter to express their sympathy. A Facebook user wrote,” There was a school shooting today at Tanglewood Middle School in Greenville. A young boy, Jamari Jackson was killed at the tender age of just twelve years old. I used to work at Tanglewood Middle. It was the first management position I had.”.

Along with this, the American politician, Lindsey Graham also took Facebook and said,” Our hearts go out to the Tanglewood Middle School family, We are praying for all those affected”. Well, neither police nor the school released the name of the suspect who killed Jamari Jackson. But, it has been revealed that he is a 12-years-old student of the school who was hiding in the building after this incident.

How Did Jamari Jackson Die?

The whole family is going through a difficult time and praying for the soul of Jamari Jackson who lost his life at a very young age. We all are devastated by his loss. Jamari will be always remembered by his family and loved ones.


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