A one more incident coming in front of the world where a popular American Rapper Gonzoe, 45, who is also known for his best hip-hop tracks of Ice Cube and the late Tupac Shakur was murdered at the gas station in West Seattle which was reported on Friday, July 30. According to the reports, the popular rapper was shot and allegedly killed at the crime spot. While the matter behind this incident is still not revealed but it has been found that the shooter ran away on a motorbike after opened fire at the rapper in the gas station.

Rapper Gonzoe Shot Dead

Who Was Gonzoe?

The fans are well aware of the life of Gonzoe who was a former loving member of the rapping group called Kausion and the hip-hop group was signed to Lench Mob Records in 1995. He was also a popular rapper when he was a member of another group, Outlawz.

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As per the reports, the murder or killing report was confirmed by some associates who were available on the spot or got to know later. If we talk about some rapper who has been killed in a shooting so, rapper Supa Gates, Mike Darole, KTS Dre, and VNZA came into the list of shot and dead and the headline of them was made due to the same reason.

Reason Behind Gonzoe Murder?

In the career of Gonzoe, there would be many conflicts but we have never heard about any incident that reports the shooting or attempting to kill him. He has also appeared in the ring of boxing and recently, he was active in boxing and this career, he was popular for battling the rival boxer Boskoe. As per the recent reports, the rapper was trying to working on several business deals after his fight was held with Boskoe.

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Gonzoe got his fame during the year 1990 when he released a project with his group “South Central Los Skanless” in the month of October 1995. When the group separated, Gonzoe came with his single track in 1998 called “If I Live and Nothing Happens”. He was active for more than two decades and dropped more than 10 single albums for his fans across the world.

How Did Gonzoe Rapper Die?

Many pay tributes can be seen over the Internet as some popular personalities have also shared the loving pictures of the rapper and shared their sorrow. One of his friends wrote,” A real friend and was never on no Hollywood shit smh man this one hurts bro u stayed pulling up dropping jewels.

Mf killed my nigga RIP Gonzoe”. Many more tweets can be seen on the internet which is surfing with loving memories and words for Gonzoe. The rapper will stay forever in everyone’s heart. May God Bless His Soul.


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