We are going to share the news with you that, Ghassan Amoun died. This is very sad news for his family and for them, who love him. Ghassan Amoun was shot fatally in a daylight attack in western Sydney around 1 Pm. There have been many cases of shootings reported in the past between Amoun’s Brothers 4 life gang and other rival gangs.

Bassam Hamzy

As we know many cases come on the web and get viral a few times. Here we will tell you all the information about this news, here are many things to discuss. You are on the right page for knowing the information regarding this news, we will try to cover all the details in this blog, Let’s find out the matter.

Who Was Ghassan Amoun?

Ghassan Amoun’s died because of the shooting, the took place in South Wentworthville. If we talk about the reason behind the shooting, he has a connection in a violent underworld feud between the Hamzy network and the rival Alameddines.

His death news comes after the murder of his brother Mejid Hamzy in Condell Park in 2020 and Bilal Hamzy outside a Japanese restaurant in Sydney’s CBD last year, Bilal is a cousin of Ghassan. However, there is no evidence that the Alameddine family was intricate in today’s shooting, the Hamze and Almeddine families were involved in an escalating gang war.

According to the report, He was in lockup last year for violating the SCPO and carrying a firearm and was only recently released. Let us tell you, Ghassan Amoun’s brother Bassam Hamzy is the chief of the Brothers 4 Life Gang, this gang was founded in 2007 from his jail cell.

Senior Hamzy Family Member Shot Dead

Hamzy has shot a teenager Kris Toumazis outside a Sydney nightclub in 1999 when was just 19 years old man. In the prison, he was sentenced to 21 years old in prison

According to the Court ordered his movements were restricted, finances, and communication. Despite all of these prior details, he was shot dead openly on the road. If we talk about his personal life, It appears like Ghassan Amoun was not a married man, There is no information about his wife on any media platform.

Prior to Amoun’s shooting, Hamzy’s family was involved in a number of shootings. A man attempted to murder Hamzy’s aunt at her Auburn home in Sydney’s west in 2013. We have shared all the information about him, which we have. If we get any information regarding this news, we will tell you first. Stay connected for more updates.


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