Who Was Emmanuel Doli? Lightning Killed 17-Year-Old Boy: A piece of news is trending on the web, that a 17 years old Emmanuel Doli, a coconut seller has passed away. This news is getting viral on the web. People are discussing the news and they are curious to know about the news. This news has become a controversial topic. Several questions are raised in the mind of the people. People are trying to find all the answers to the questions. They are hitting the search engine to collect all the details about the news. We will try to cover all the details in this article. Let’s figure out the matter what exactly happened.

Who Was Emmanuel Doli Lightning Killed 17-Year-Old Boy In Florida Watch Video

According to the report, the expired was a pupil of the Sokode Senior High Technical School. Vantage News learned he was selling coconut at Bankoe, a suburb of  Ho in the Volta Region Ghana when he was struck. Two other two, who suffered from the situation, were struck by lightning and were rushed to the hospital by the National Ambulance Service. However, his body of Emmanuel was deserted at the scene “over fears of the gods”. Some opined that the coconut he was selling might have been “theft, which is why he was struck.’ Scroll down the page to know about the news. Who Was Emmanuel Doli? Lightning Killed 17-Year-Old Boy

Watch Lightning Killed Emmanuel Doli Video

Furthermore, Selasi Kwao, the deceased’s brother dispelled the rumors. “The coconut was plucked at their family at Sokode Bagble. The coconut tree belongs to their uncle, and he was aware we are plucking some of the coconuts. “he climbed the tree to pluck the coconut and plucked them 6 times. She told that his brother left the world now did not climb the tree. Several things remain to tell you about the news, which you will find in the next section, Keep reading to gain further details about the news.

Moreover, the mother of the boy, Rejoice Kwao, was not able to control her tears, this was the worst time for her. As we know when a mother lost her baby, how much pain she bore. She goes with the trauma, and Rejoice also goes with the trauma. This is a tough situation for her.


The entire family is devasted due to his death. They are mourning his demise. We know death is the biggest truth of life and we can’t change it at any cost. We also pray God gave peace to his soul and strength to his family. Stay tuned for more updates.

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