A disturbing video has been capturing the attention of netizens around the world because there was something in the video that hardly anyone could expect. According to the sources, a video is showing that a former daycare worker was brutally abusing a 2-years-old boy and the incident has been recorded in the CCTV footage. The daycare worker is identified as Elicia Miller who is 32-years-old and she was charged with child abuse for the altercation at Creme de la Creme in LA on May 17. Keep reading to know more details about this crime.

Who Was Elicia Miller

Elicia did not receive jail time after she confessed everything. The video has been watched by millions of people around the world and many are leaving their hate comments over this act. The incident broke the leg of a two-years toddler. The video was obtained by 8 News I-Team first. Now, the girl will not see the time of jail for the incident after she confessed her crime and pleaded guilty to attempted child abuse in June. She just received 50 hours of community service and class of anger management as a result.

Who Was Elicia Miller?

The parents of the child who chose to stay anonymous amid media coverage of the incident, are requesting a petition for the child care staffer and daycare for abuse and negligence. After this incident, Miller noticed that the leg of a child is swelling. Later, she alerted her manager and said that another child was responsible for the injury. Later, the manager checked the footage of the room and she admitted that she lied to the manager to avoid getting in trouble.

After this, the manager sent Miller to the home and called the phone who later arrested her from her home and took her into custody. The incident took place around 10:15 AM as per the reports given by the Daycare manager but Miller responded to this accident after around 6 minutes.

During interrogation, Miller told police that the boy was striking other students and disobeying her. She also told that she had no intention to harm the child and regretted how she handled it. The video of the incident was obtained by KLAS this week and released on Wednesday night by the network. After a few hours, the father of the toddler arrived at the establishment to pick up the child and broke in pain. Maybe, the video is still available on the Internet.


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