A shocking incident happened with the most popular & famous TikTok star Dana Altotaibi in which she was murdered by her husband Bryant Tejeda Castillo in Hawai and as per information, it is been said that she was three months pregnant. She passed away on 20th July 2022 at the age of 27. This news has shocked the people and now this news has gone viral on the internet people are searching about her and want to know why her husband killed her during a heated argument. We have mentioned all things about her in the next sections so let’s have a look. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Dana Alotaibi

Who was Dana Alotaibi? Stabbed to Death by her Husband in Hawaii

Dana was born on 28th May 1995 In the United States. She was a famous TikTok star, model, and musical artist who was popular on social media platforms and she was pregnant for three months. Her Facebook profile said that she lived in Honolulu Country and she also describes herself as a widow in her profile. According to her mom, they were married for three years but things doesn’t work so they filed a divorce in 2021 and final this case in the last month. If we talk about her Instagram account she has 10k followers. She is one of the OnlyF models who had a huge fan following on this account where she posted her photos & videos to earn more money.

Alotaibi Suffered Physical & Domestic Abuse

She shared a video on her youtube channel with the title MILITARY SPOUSE claiming that her husband do domestic abuse and threatened her many times. She also said that she got heated by him in front of his friends & relatives many times and once he dragged her into the room from the driveway. She was scared and she was suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety and the reason is her husband.

Dana Altotaibi Stabbed To Death By Bryant

This incident happened on 20th July when Bryant her husband stabbed a knife multiple times in her body in Hawai people tried to stop him but they can’t save Dana later he fled and tried to escape but the police caught him and took him to custody. She was taken to the hospital but she died on the spot at 8:31 pm. He is now accused of second-degree murder and the amount is $1 million for his bail. Police are now investigating this case as she registered the police complaint against him but nothing works. May dana Rest In Peace.


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