Popular American Tik Tok star Damaury Mikula has come into the limelight after an incident took place with him recently. According to the sources, the Tik Tok star has was arrested by police after he chased the police more than 100 miles per hour this Friday, October 29, 2021. He is just 18-years-old.

who was damauty mikula

Mikula ran a red light and led the Flordia Highway Patrol on a high-speed chase of more than 100 miles per hour, as per the report of the Florida Highway Patrol. While the police also reported that he started doing a “burnout” and smoking the tires of a Doge Challenger next to a Highway Patrol car.

Who Was Damaury Mikula?

The Patrol vehicle was stopped at the intersection of State Road 54 at Sunlake Blvd, in Pasco County at around 10:30 AM. Along with this, the troopers also say Mikula ran a red light and sped off from there. FHP claimed that the social media personality did not stop when the trooper started up his siren and lights.

But, Mikula continued speeding as he pulled into a residential area off Ballantrae Blvd. near State Road 54. Later, Mikula was found as the driver of the car and went to his house. When police reached to him, he answered the door and was arrested.

He told to the trooper that his Dodge Challengers was parked in his garage and gave permission to be towed for the vehicle, as per the reports of FHP. When he was on the route to jail, he got to know his Miranda rights, troopers say that Mikula told them he was the only person in the car that time and knew very well that the trooper was trying to stop him but he thought that it will be okay to speed away.

TikTok Star Damaury Mikula Arrested by Florida

Not only this but the trooper also revealed that Mikula thought in his mind that he is young, earning lots of money, has a fast car and he can do whatever he wants. Later, the trooper also revealed that Mikula admitted that it was a foolish way of thinking and not a good way to live his life freely like this. Mikula also added that he wanted to do something excited for the next three seconds and it cost him a lot.

Let us tell you that Mikula is a popular social media star who posts his lip-sync and comedy videos on his Tik Tok account. He gained massive popularity on his social media accounts. He has also played in the basketball team in his school. As per the sources, he makes $400,000 to $500,000 by his social media accounts.



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