Who Was Cristina Vita Aranda Here we are sharing a piece of big news, An Instagram influencer, model, and wife of a Paraguayan footballer has been shot dead at a concert. This news is getting viral on social media. She has three children with club Olimpia player Ivan Torres, who was announced dead shortly after being rushed to hospital with a bullet wound to her head while attending a concert.

Cristina Vita Aranda

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Who Was Cristina Vita Aranda?

According to the report, Itaugua Nacional Hospital, director Yolanda Gonzalez has confirmed 29 years old woman Cristina’s death and said “she was intubated when she reached and attempts were made to bring round her for at least 25 minutes after she went into cardiac arrest.

She left the world after the lengthy attempts to save her life.” Ivan Torres was not injured but he suffered a panic attack.  A man named Marcos Ignacio Rojas Mora also died, with unconfirmed reports indicating the deliberate target was a drug dealer identified locally as Ederson Salinas Benitez. Another four people, who were between 23 and 40, were also shot and were being treated for their injuries in hospital today.

According to a report, local Tv footage showed one of the victims being taken out of the odeum on a stretcher by security guards and paramedics when the man who also appeared to be hurt was guided towards an exit by two men helping him to walk.

How Did Cristina Vita Aranda Die? 

An Instagram account has been described by Cristina Vita Aranda to her 445,000 followers as a personal trainer although she did modeling as well and was often referred to as an influencer in her homeland.

Footage of herself was posted by her, which is four days before her death working out in the gym. She was married to Ivan Torres for almost 10 years but reports indicate that the couple was planning to divorce. After sharing together for a Christmas picture, the brunette had revealed that they had decided to call off their relationship.

But they were yet man and wife when the shooting occurred and was reportedly trying to patch things up between them. We have shared all the details in this article, which we have. If we get anything we will tell you first in this article at the same site. Stay tuned for more updates.


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