Who Was Corey Aughey? British Schoolboy Death: COREY AUGHEY, 6, from North Belfast has passed away in a pool incident in Majorca, Spain on Sunday. We have received reports that a very young boy named Corey Aughey was involved in a Pool incident on Thursday and was rushed to an intensive care unit. He stayed there for almost 3 days and finally breathed his last on Sunday.

Who Was Corey Aughey 6 Year Old British Schoolboy Dies In Swimming Pool In Majorca Hotel

This is a really tragic incident as it is hard to believe a 6-year-old kid dying. We will bring you all the news related to the incident as we delve into what happened in that pool that made Corey cost his life. Who Was Corey Aughey? British Schoolboy Death

How Did Corey Aughey Die?

The event started with the Corey family as they were on a vacation in Spain. On Thursday, they were spending a casual holiday just like any other family. Corey was enjoying the pool as the incident occurred. As soon as the people there realized they alerted everyone. He was then immediately taken to the intensive care of the nearest hospital.

A day was spent and the next day his family was informed that he was feeling better, they issued a statement on Facebook and thanked everyone for their support and prayers for their child.

But, two days later suddenly it was reported that Corey was no longer with us and has passed away. It was shocking for those who were following the incident from the start.

A page was also set up to raise funds while Corey was in Hospital and it managed to raise 12,000 euros by Monday. Although, unfortunately, it was to no avail.

Who Was Corey Aughey? What Happened To Him?

Now, let’s talk a little about the kid, Corey Aughey. He was a 6year old boy who lived with his family, just like any normal kid. They lived in North Belfast and were spending their vacation in a resort in a Spain.

He was not a celebrity nor was related to any but, the loss of anyone’s life is a grieving matter and we should support the family who has lost their son, in any way we can.

Community Support and Condolences

Corey was also a member of the 45th Belfast Scout Groups’ Beaver section. This was revealed by them as they used to meet at the Emmanuel Church, Ardoyne Road, Ireland.

They stated, “Corey will be fondly remembered by the Beaver leaders as a fun-loving boy who was full of happiness and enthusiasm”. They will miss him very much.

He was also known by the Councillor of Democratic Unionist Part, Dale Pankhurst. He said that Corey was a real wee character and was full of life any time he used to see him. He said that it is really a Heartbreaking tragedy and his sympathies were with the family.

Corey Aughey Funeral & Obituary Updates

This is a hard time for the family but we know that there are many people who are standing with them and helping them get through the tough times. We also extend our condolences and hope they get the strength to get through this hard time.

As of late, there has been no official news about his funeral. But we will update you on the matter as soon as we get hold of it. Till then, stay tuned for more updates.

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