Here we are sharing the latest news. Two teenage boys have been arrested in relation to a triple murder since they have killed a five-year-old boy execution-style at his home. They also killed the Boy’s Mother and Her Boy Friend. Here we have more information about this news that is going to be viral on social media.

Caleb Harris

Detroit Police said Caleb Harris had been shot many times in his face, he was found their body inside his home. His mother’s name was Lashon Marshall, she was 28 years old and her boyfriend’s name was Aaron Benson, who was 32 years old. Police did not disclose how Marshall and Benson were killed.

Police were able to discover the suspects, the shooting on the 153000 block of Evergreen Road Near Fenkell Avenue, Police said they got tips from the community, Police Chief James White said that the two suspects have taken into custody and now they held at a youth home. Chief White said, “we know that we have those responsible in custody”. Keep reading

Who Was Caleb Harris?

Police confirmed that the suspects, whose names were not mentioned, were known to the victims. The victims have found when an acquaintance of the boyfriend, who has become careful as he had not heard from him. Police believe the murders happened before Sunday that day the victims were found, but the murders did not share anything with them.

The introduction discovered the bodies and called authorities, following which police came at the scene, “they had continued to check the house for additional victims and sadly they find a third victim, they found the third victim he was a child in the room, White said”Words can’t explain what it’s like to see a 5-year-old child laying deceased from gunshot wounds,” said Commander Michael Mc Ginnis. we can’t explain how it’s very sad.

Police noted that Harri’s sixth birthday would have been in just five days, then Mc Ginnis said “I think the family was prepping for a birthday party. Tragically, now their plans changed.” Fox 2 reported that Boy’s Paternal grandmother Shalesa Floyd said it was the most heartbreaking news of her life.

caleb’s grandmother told Fox2 that the boy’s father lives out of state and says he is devastated, he loved to travel with his father and his mother. Floyd said they had only one child and he was five yeras old, and he did not have much life to live, why would you take my grandson from me, I m just lost everything and I am devastated.


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