Who was Austen Kroll Sister Chimney Rock and what was her cause of death?: In this article, we are going to explain to you the tragic incident which happened with Austen Kroll’s sister Kyle Kroll. When this accident happened he was so young that he doesn’t know what happened to his sister and at this age, we are unable to understand the meaning of death. This same happened with Austin as his sister’s death is now making him sad and he shared the experience and cause of death on his social handle. People are searching for this news as they want to know the cause of the death of his sister which is now upsetting him. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Austen Kroll Sister Chimney Rock

Who Is Austin Kroll’s?

He was born on 16th June 1987 in Washington and now he is a successful entrepreneur who is a son of proud parents named Wendy & Tom. He also appeared on some the reality shows like Winter House & Southern Charm where he was loved by many people because of his looks & personality. He is also known for his craft beer as he has prior knowledge in this field. This Tv Star has two sisters named Kyle & Katie in which one of his sisters Kyle died in an accident which we have described in the next section.

Austen Kroll Sister Chimney Rock

Who Is Kyle? How Did She Die?

Kyle was the Austin sister who met in a horrible incident and lost her life. She passed away in 1994 when Austin was just six years old. He shared the experience and the cause of his sister’s death openly in a show that his sister & his family has gone on a trip and she fell off a cliff where his family was trekking. He also said that he doesn’t know the meaning of death at that time and thought when you get ill you go to the hospital. He now missed his sister as after the incident the family moved to North Carolina.

Sisters’ Death Was A Challenge For Austen

Well, when grown up and understand things, as the incident happened in front of his eyes was a challenge for him to get over his sister’s death but after some years his parents gave birth to Katie also who is nine years younger than him and he now takes care of her believing that Kyle is with him. He shared a great bond with his sister as they both shared things together and she also love her brother and was impressed by his role in the show.


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